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There will be an increase in rates for TuGo INSURANCE as of the July 17th, 2019.


Please be advised that effective January 18th , 2019, our rates for RSA: Travel Health Plans will be increasing.

Destination Travel Rate increase

Please be advised that effective January 15th, 2019, our rates for Destination: Travel Health Plans (Snowbirds) will be increasing by 7%. In addition to the 7% rate increase, the basic deductible currently at $100 US will be increase to $250US. All other deducible amounts will remain unchanged.

Premium Increase for Trip Cancellation and Interruption

Trip Cancellation and Interruption premiums have increased as of September 15th, 2018. So protect your vacation plans from the unexpected and unforeseen. Call our office for your free quote.

Possible Increase for Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance

Canadian Staycations: Coverage within Canada

Believe it or not, most Canadians aren’t aware of the need for travel insurance, especially when it comes to traveling within Canada. Many think they’re fully covered by their provincial health plan.
1. Provincial health care usually covers hospitalization, but once Canadians leave their home province, coverage is limited.
2. If your customers are planning on crossing provincial borders, their provincial health care plan only covers a certain amount of medical emergency costs.
3. Provincial health care plans don’t always pay up front, so without travel insurance; your customer could be expected to pay for their whole or partial medical bill, before being reimbursed.

Personalized service

Possible increase for Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance.


TUGO has just announced a 5% increase March 29th, 2018.  Purchase prior to this date to avoid the increase.

Wow,  over $1 million in claims from our office alone this season!   Don’t tell me that insurance companies don’t pay!

For those with relatives arriving from overseas, ask us about Visitors to Canada Insurance


Remember that insurance premiums change at 5 year increments, so if you have a birthday coming up it may be worthwhile to purchase early.




Welcome DeAndre Gardiner to our office who is covering for Sthefanie as office administrator until December. Don’t forget rates traditionally increase late summer and early fall. Purchase early to avoid higher rates.