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TuGo is now covering COVID-19

We are happy to inform our valued clients…………….😊😊😊😊😊😊
At TuGo, we always welcome and encourage feedback. And given the current COVID-19 environment, it’s not surprising that we’ve received a significant number of inquiries about TuGo’s plans for covering COVID-19, with our current Level 3 travel advisory in place.
TuGo is pleased to announce we’ll soon be offering COVID-19 coverage on our outbound travel emergency medical plans! Details will follow, and we’ll be in touch with more information shortly.
A reminder that TuGo currently provides COVID-19 coverage for our Travel Within Canada, Visitors to Canada, and Student Medical programs.
Thank you for your continued patience and support. We know it’s still a challenging time, and we value the trust you instill in us to support your customers.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at the office 519-858-2267 or send us an email at

TuGo Introduces New Telemedicine Service for Travellers Visiting US

Introducing our newest service: TuGo Telemedicine powered by 1.800MD®  

If a traveller isn’t feeling well and would like to seek medical advice, but doesn’t think a clinic or hospital visit is necessary, they can access TuGo’s Telemedicine service instead!

Our new 24/7 service offers your customers convenient, prompt, quality care, right over the phone, while they’re visiting the US. In as little as 1 hour, a certified physician can provide consultation and a recommended treatment. What’s more, not only does TuGo Telemedicine expedite the traveller’s care, but does so without the need to make a claim!

When the Government of Canada lifts its travel advisory and the border reopens, this service will be a great advantage to Emergency Medical Insurance coverage, for travel within the US. Though customers may feel safe to travel, the US’s pandemic crisis will likely deter many of them from seeking help for ailments at nearby hospitals or clinics.

Imagine the excitement of a Disneyland vacation hampered by a child’s earache; a whole day is derailed by having to bring the whole family to the ER, wait hours to be seen, then search nearby for a pharmacy to get the prescription. Or picture a snowbird who’s twisted his ankle, simply by walking off a curb near his winter home in Cocoa Beach. Now with TuGo Telemedicine, all they have to do is call toll-free 1-866-419-9038 to be connected with a doctor, within the hour! Knowing they have access to this service, and that it doesn’t impact applicable deductibles, is a great value-add.

This new service is now available to current policyholders, renewing customers, as well as new ones. 

Download our TuGo Telemedicine quick sheet for more details.

New International Student & Visitors to Canada Policy Coverage

Bruce Murray & Associates Inc. would like to welcome Berkley Insurance to our family of companies providing coverage for international students and visitors to Canada policies.

Call our office for a free quote.

Multi- Trip Annual policies Extended

For all our clients who have Multi- Trip Annual policies with Destination Travel and TuGo we would like to inform you our valued clients that your policies have been extended for 3 months at no extra charge.
If you have any questions about your date of expiry please give us a call at the office.

GMS (Group Medical Services ) Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Taking care of clients as events unfold

Although the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread globally to dozens of countries, our Government has issued just four COVID-19-related travel advisories as of March 9th. Country-wide advisories for China, Italy and Iran, and a regional advisory for South Korea.

Effective March 9th, 2020 the Government of Canada also issued a recommendation to Canadian travellers to avoid all cruise ship travel due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Consistent with this advisory, GMS now considers all cruise ships to be destinations with COVID-19-related travel advisories.

When it comes to Trip Cancellation Insurance, GMS is taking a measured response to the COVID-19 threat.

KNOW BEFORE YOU PURCHASE: If a country has a regional travel advisory due to COVID-19, it’s possible the same advisory could be issued for other areas of that country. As a result, any Trip Cancellation plan purchased on or after March 10th, 2020 will not cover cancellation claims related to a Coronavirus travel advisory if there is already a regional Coronavirus travel advisory in place for that country.

Example: There is a regional travel advisory in place for South Korea. On or after March 10th, clients purchasing a Trip Cancellation Plan for anywhere in South Korea will not be covered for cancellation claims related to COVID-19 travel advisories. Clients will still be able to make non-COVID-19-related cancellation claims, and make claims under the trip interruption provisions of their plan.

Otherwise, the protection offered by GMS travel insurance has not changed. Here are some scenarios to help clarify the impact of COVID-19-related quarantines and travel advisories. As always, be sure to refer to the product’s policy for full details on all exclusions and limitations.

The Destination: Travel Group Inc ……….notices for COVID-19

The Destination: Travel Group Inc. continue to monitor the development and spread of
the COVID-19 virus. In the last week a number of countries beyond China have seen
an increase in the infection rate (Italy, Iran, South Korea, and Japan) and subsequent
changes in the Government of Canada Travel Advisory to those countries. The
situation continues to be fluid and evolving very quickly. As such we continue to
recommend that travellers check the Government of Canada Travel Advisory website to
help them navigate ongoing developments:
Link to the Government of Canada Travel Advisory relating to COVID-19:

There are several active travel health notices for COVID-19. Each country or area may
have different levels of risk. These risk levels may change as the COVID-19 event
evolves internationally.
Before you leave, check your destination to get the latest travel health notices for
Why is this important to me?
Should you travel to a region or country where a travel advisory has been issued prior to
going on your trip and you incur a medical emergency, your claim will not be paid. This
would also be the case if you entered Canada (Visitors to Canada) and showed
symptoms in Canada via a country with an advisory, as an exclusion may exist in your
policy, highlighted below:
Sample Exclusion Wording (actual wording in your policy may differ)
 Any loss incurred when, prior to the effective date, Global Affairs Canada issued
a written warning to avoid all travel, or to avoid non-essential travel, to that city,
region, or country.
Remember to read your policy prior to travelling and understand the
language within it!

TuGo………………COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Related

Am I covered if I travel to destinations that don’t currently have a travel advisory in place?

Emergency Medical Insurance

Yes, Emergency Medical Insurance is still available to you, as long as the destination you’re visiting doesn’t have an “avoid non-essential” or “avoid all” travel advisory in place before you leave.

That said, if you’re aware of a new travel advisory before departure (for instance, in countries like USA or Japan) and you decide not to travel, you can apply for a refund provided the refund request is prior to the effective date of the policy.

If you have a layover in a country like China where there is an “avoid non-essential” or “avoid all” travel advisory, Emergency Medical coverage won’t be provided if your sickness or injury is directly or indirectly related to the coronavirus.

Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance

As of March 4, 2020, COVID-19 was considered a known circumstance for travel; which means it’s no longer considered sudden and unexpected. If you bought Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance before March 4, 2020, coverage would still apply provided there was no avoid all or non-essential travel advisory in place at the time insurance was purchased or trip booked to that destination.


There will be an increase in rates for TuGo INSURANCE as of the July 17th, 2019.


Please be advised that effective January 18th , 2019, our rates for RSA: Travel Health Plans will be increasing.

Destination Travel Rate increase

Please be advised that effective January 15th, 2019, our rates for Destination: Travel Health Plans (Snowbirds) will be increasing by 7%. In addition to the 7% rate increase, the basic deductible currently at $100 US will be increase to $250US. All other deducible amounts will remain unchanged.