The Destination: Travel Group Inc ……….notices for COVID-19

The Destination: Travel Group Inc. continue to monitor the development and spread of
the COVID-19 virus. In the last week a number of countries beyond China have seen
an increase in the infection rate (Italy, Iran, South Korea, and Japan) and subsequent
changes in the Government of Canada Travel Advisory to those countries. The
situation continues to be fluid and evolving very quickly. As such we continue to
recommend that travellers check the Government of Canada Travel Advisory website to
help them navigate ongoing developments:
Link to the Government of Canada Travel Advisory relating to COVID-19:

There are several active travel health notices for COVID-19. Each country or area may
have different levels of risk. These risk levels may change as the COVID-19 event
evolves internationally.
Before you leave, check your destination to get the latest travel health notices for
Why is this important to me?
Should you travel to a region or country where a travel advisory has been issued prior to
going on your trip and you incur a medical emergency, your claim will not be paid. This
would also be the case if you entered Canada (Visitors to Canada) and showed
symptoms in Canada via a country with an advisory, as an exclusion may exist in your
policy, highlighted below:
Sample Exclusion Wording (actual wording in your policy may differ)
 Any loss incurred when, prior to the effective date, Global Affairs Canada issued
a written warning to avoid all travel, or to avoid non-essential travel, to that city,
region, or country.
Remember to read your policy prior to travelling and understand the
language within it!