TuGo Introduces New Telemedicine Service for Travellers Visiting US

Introducing our newest service: TuGo Telemedicine powered by 1.800MD®  

If a traveller isn’t feeling well and would like to seek medical advice, but doesn’t think a clinic or hospital visit is necessary, they can access TuGo’s Telemedicine service instead!

Our new 24/7 service offers your customers convenient, prompt, quality care, right over the phone, while they’re visiting the US. In as little as 1 hour, a certified physician can provide consultation and a recommended treatment. What’s more, not only does TuGo Telemedicine expedite the traveller’s care, but does so without the need to make a claim!

When the Government of Canada lifts its travel advisory and the border reopens, this service will be a great advantage to Emergency Medical Insurance coverage, for travel within the US. Though customers may feel safe to travel, the US’s pandemic crisis will likely deter many of them from seeking help for ailments at nearby hospitals or clinics.

Imagine the excitement of a Disneyland vacation hampered by a child’s earache; a whole day is derailed by having to bring the whole family to the ER, wait hours to be seen, then search nearby for a pharmacy to get the prescription. Or picture a snowbird who’s twisted his ankle, simply by walking off a curb near his winter home in Cocoa Beach. Now with TuGo Telemedicine, all they have to do is call toll-free 1-866-419-9038 to be connected with a doctor, within the hour! Knowing they have access to this service, and that it doesn’t impact applicable deductibles, is a great value-add.

This new service is now available to current policyholders, renewing customers, as well as new ones. 

Download our TuGo Telemedicine quick sheet for more details.